Sunday 25 November 2012

Beat Down 2 - The Heist hits No.1!

Hey there, punks.  Just wanted to say a big thanks to all you badasses as well as give myself a pat on the literary back because thanks to you (and of course to me because I wrote it, haha) Beat Down 2 - The Heist is sitting proudly at No.1 on the Hot New Releases list in the Amazon Kindle Comedy store.

Here's the pic to prove it (as if you'd ever doubt me!) -

Once again, I'd just like to say thanks to all the punks who bought this.  Seriously, if you guys were here I'd share a bottle of badass champagne with you, but alas, as you're not I'll just drink it all myself.  In fact, I just did.  Badass.

Big up also to Slamet Mujiono, whose awesome cover pic is no doubt responsible for some of the adoration Russell T. Goode is picking up.  Dude, you rock.  And Belinda, man's she's smokin'.  So glad I made her up.

Okay, off to smash some rocks with my bare hands.



25th Nov 2012

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