Sunday 11 November 2012

Beat Down - Episode 2 : The Heist cover reveal

Hello again punks, Michael S. Hunter here.  Just wanted to show you the cover for Russell T. Goode's next adventure.  Here's the original art work by the extremely talented Slamet Mujiono.  In this picture we have are introduced to Russell's girlfriend (who was off shopping in Milan with her mother in Episode 1, if you remember - don't worry, the dreaded mother-in-law will no doubt be making an appearance in a future episode!) who is a librarian in a homeless shelter by a day and a kickass female wrestler by night.  And on the other side of Russell you can see a ski jump ... why is there a ski jump in Episode 2?  All I can tell you is it has something to do with chickens and a mysterious stranger ...

And here's the final cover with titles added by the wonderful Su at Novel Prevue, who did the covers for my best mate Chris Ward's awesome novels The Tube Riders and The Man Who Built the World.   If you haven't read any of his stuff then check it out.  While he's not as cool as me or Russell T. Goode (come on, who is?) his books still rock.

In The Heist, Russell gets home to find out someone has broken into his greenhouse and stolen all his prized vegetables, the essence of which is used to make the special formula Beat Down! drink which makes Russell even more badass than usual.   Searching for clues, Russell hears a disturbance in the mysterious chicken radio which leads him and the rest of the gang to Scotland and the shores of the mysterious Loch Guess.  There they will have to do battle with Kurt Sniveller's minions to save the world once again.

Beat Down 2 - The Heist is a comedy action adventure novella not to be missed.

Michael S. Hunter over and out.  Laters, punks.

11th Nov 2012

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