Tuesday 11 December 2012

Beat Down 3 - Badassaur! update

Hey punks, Michael S. Hunter here.  Just wanted to give you all a status update on Beat Down 3 because I know you're getting a little itchy about progress.

It's done!

Well, drafted at least.  I finished the beast a couple of nights ago after which I went out into the garden, dug a pit with my bare hands and buried it under a pile of rocks to allow it to mature for a while.  The cover has been commissioned so once that's done I'll post a preview online.  Judging by the timeframe we should be live by the New Year, but I'll try to push the bad boy out as a Christmas present for you all if I can.

Talking of Christmas, what are you all up to this year?  All my friends are getting awesome rocks wrapped up in sheets of steel.  Can't think of anything more hardcore than that.  And to save on postage I'll be throwing them direct into their back gardens from here so if you're taking any flights over the Christmas period keep an eye out.

What can we expect from Beat Down 4, I hear you ask?  Well, Beat Down 4 - The Sneevla ("Michael, you badass, what the hell is a "Sneevla"?" I hear you ask - well, you'll have to wait and see!) is already underway.  With a bit of luck it should be drafted and under that pile of rocks by New Year.

Any more future plans?

Hell, yeah.  After Episode 5 I'll be looking at getting a paperback omnibus edition out for all you punks.  That should be awesome.

Right, a crate of mince pies just showed up and I need to go get stuck in.  I spent all morning bench-pressing a two-ton piece of granite so I reckon I've earned it.

Take care out there, this is Michael S. Hunter signing out.


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